Yupha's Thai Kitchen

Authentic Thai Cuisine

March 2024 Specials of the Month



Golden Bags (3) $9

Spring roll wrap filled with chicken, onions, potato, pea, carrot and sweet corn, spiced with curry powder, deep fried and served with sweet and tangy cucumber sauce.


Sizzling Pad Sha Seafood $25

Shrimp (4), calamari (3), scallops (2) and green mussels (3) stir-fried in high heat wok with wild galangal, kaffir leaves, young whole pepper, bell peppers, Sereno chili and Thai basil.

Grilled Salmon in Shu Shi Curry $23

Center cut Atlantic salmon lightly grilled and finished in red curry, bell peppers, kaffir leaves and grilled asparagus.


Red Velvet Cake with Whipped Cream $9

                                                               Red velvet cake served over house made raspberry coulis and whipped cream.